The word game that makes you an anagram genius. Play for free offline and learn new words to impress your opponents.

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Easy to play

You start with an anagram but you don't have to solve it! You can just play one or more smaller words as the first step

Challenging to master

Letters you don't play are lost for the next step, you need to keep as many as possible to beat the step target.

Become an anagram genius

Get tips to solve anagrams and start to quickly solve 6,7,8,9 and even 10 letter anagrams with ease!

Learn new words to impress your friends

Impress your opponents in other word games. There's a full dictionary, you can search online for definitions and get a list of words you've looked up

Play for free

There's no need to pay for hints or wait for daily puzzles. You don't need to guess an obscure word to unlock the next game

Play offline

Play anywhere, anytime.

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"An addictive word game that helps you learn new words"
"Fun for almost the whole family"
"Very enjoyable, and stays challenging as the words get longer. Easy and fun to play"