StepWords privacy policy

StepWords privacy policy

StepWords does not directly collect any personal information from the user and no personal information is sent to Intriguing Digital Designs Ltd. As of version 1.4 released on 24th May 2018 StepWords does not contain advertising. Please update to this version to receive an ad-free experience.

Advertising in earlier versions

Prior versions of Stepwords served adverts through AdMob, a subsidiary of Google. Google may use the advertising ID from the device on which the ad is serving to generate interests and demographics (for example, ‘sports enthusiasts’). Interests, demographics, and other data may be used to serve better targeted ads to the user. To complement personalised advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising), Ads Settings lets users view and edit their interests and demographics or opt out of personalised advertising should they so wish.

Word definition searches

Searches for word definitions are provided using Google, the privacy policies for which can be viewed here. These searches are conducted using the system web browser rather than the app itself. As such no data from any subsequent browsing is communicated to StepWords or Intriguing Digital Designs.

Google Analytics

This page does NOT set cookies for or pass data to Google Analytics, however other pages in this website do. The cookie consent notice and privacy policy can be seen when navigating to these pages